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Seashell Throne

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Now you can live like underwater royalty!

Occupies: Background Item

Restricts: None

40 users have this item up for trade: vampireslayer142, OnFleek, llmac4lifell, mmelcg, KingKougra, sanamm, alooongtimeago, xeclipsesx, hopefordreamz, Cassiopeia, Sigris, extra, Plushielover63, starspangledsky, tripexprin, waning, ophelia, missy182, amarinda, machineelephant, misnomer, carmen_lee123, shilohs, jojoscloset, stacieface, kids2spoil, veronika, avcolaem, feathersky199, Poyanyo, wailers, im_so_jaded16, bigmlittlem, lbartoli, tionskero, feministsweepstakes, bonesy223, ella20101993, Marleen, and goldmare more less

52 users want this item: im_not_crazy007, Caesar, idalia, dirtylace_420, noasferatu, heyykarina, llmac4lifell, Courtnifyed, miss_lauren1, alooongtimeago, _naomi_, Meer, teukkie, missemmy, coldicyanger, piratepaintrox5, jlpearcy, sailorini_1, jlpearcy, Roseyflower, ene_x, just_a_girl95, Aurelia, papercrow, thapprentice, mapthesoul, twicealark, GabrielFCF, zoodely, mariezy, Friday, malolory, klareina, poofiebaby, Amoonna, _Sushi65_, becki622, gordo793, garette, phiddie, Miyuuna, ahiix_, NikkiLacroix, dawnfelicis62, Dogsrule89, Midnightales, Lilymist14, Rainha, patato, lechevreau, DekSy, and deathbykarma more less


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