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Shopping in Neopia Central Background

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

The perfect place to shop for gifts during the holidays! This NC Mall item was awarded for melting a Holiday Snowball from the Advent Calendar!

Occupies: Background, Foreground

Restricts: None

97 users have this item up for trade: Latrellstephen, glittertech, jrevans, Kazsia, chillywilly, o00angel_wings00o, supersara247, ilovemykitties12, joltix, Serrahwei, vampireslayer142, Plushielover63, Shazuku, xsugarush, tv-island, pfbabyz, naners, sapphoandsybil, ManniKat, hiphophimel, Elusi, gracefulneopian, starspangledsky, Jennykgpy, humanoid_plant_vash, keartato, mootixy, Cassiopeia, shyannjordana, Helia, kitschyy, Snobby, Obeah, Rwaaaar0.0, garlic, Linck, superimposition, Fanofanns, Hel, Mekaila, Genevieve, pinchits, graceboscorelli2012, Kellie, duran, laughinglola, romancify, petrock554, cutante, hottshot_anyway, pommie, July, Antiphantom, xomissbrittanybooxo, Sturmtosend, kymkitten, coleblerone, Rachel Floss, Awesomeful, Louis, secckimmo, return_of_itsy, neekoe, oatmealcookie, jusjus72, moonlight293, cinda, prettylilpunk, misnomer, aeristh, albuginea, machineelephant, yugil, yugil, EnvyMai, thedetermineddiva, chili19, danel, pythagoras, Blaise, jussylynn, ramonesbaby, Gabudude, nacinerenee, einahpetsx, Judith, Lady Astrid, kotabear, Cab426, thevampirelestat_x, Aimy, Xtrekaye, goldmare, Saah, Lovelinna, abbinator, and dark_sapphire more less

21 users want this item: softae, alooongtimeago, snowvalanche, lancey_smiley, Minna, dimi, ShelbyTay, madeline753, safrai, lovely_anais, thenirnroot, maruader, dafrozen, whizradio, kidkrunch, tanytany, rabisama, Perxio, Rainha, Squeakish, and Snerkie more less


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