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Snowflake Contacts

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Sparkling snowflakes look extra pretty in your eyes! This NC Mall item was awarded for melting a Holiday Snowball from the Advent Calendar!

Occupies: Glasses

Restricts: None

79 users have this item up for trade: Shazuku, Machi, slayergal666, Ichtaca, aouni, Shortages, Caesar, Vichabodisitchy, Nevadaka, Rosemmary, sn4zzeh, sad, Cassiopeia, Grey, hakolinsky, scary_chicken, grimen, Juma, missemmy, Obeah, Picasso, Dominiqhie, kharnak, Hel, missy182, babygirltamera, coco_bella, Willow, Maki, mariezy, bighead620, rencontrezmoi16, hunter4ever, mandarofl, Thyago, jussylynn, skulling, ninagrace_xx, lin_cjaem, xoople, cherryx2boomx3, Sturmtosend, kymkitten, somebodys_sister, Firenze, gauges, Awesomeful, oatmealcookie, yugil, Blaise, EnvyMai, venused, TARDIS, danel, Perxio, DekSy, Inanis, OokkoNaata, ramonesbaby, Colby, ene_x, pwalter2013, Lilalisa11, jussylynn, sara_spunk, vau, dnzinha, kellyjelly, einahpetsx, kotabear, partyhostile, shady, eszett, dolphingirlkurama, Aimy, sweetiebot, glumly, Jei, and probabilistic more less

27 users want this item: corn_pops2002, Lully, alooongtimeago, bellegant, morgkitty, androidturret, Pandora, Courtnifyed, djanae, jfyki, lionheart, bigmew, santamonicace, jamjike, hermionie278, AlexandraAngelpuss, Bebop, tanytany, Prisma, Dragaen_faerie, zarazarazara, gizz09, lechevreau, darkknightdragon, pickpocket007, Kate2468, and Solyane more less


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