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Birthday Confetti Effect

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Now your birthday confetti can follow you everywhere you go!

Occupies: Biology Effects

Restricts: None

13 users have this item up for trade: katlynxo, kcleones, mistyums, charlieputh, cheeky_jess, jardoz, xanime, Quilpy, allybaby, Cassiopeia, bwilson512, christina89_2_2, and khazmasta more less

22 users want this item: 170, Bearz, bunnyfir, flashash10, Lissy, Eli, kcleones, Lollipop, Halery, umnfresh2, Hellohope20, thapprentice, Dmdragonridr, idalia, hiphophimel, sulfurbutterfly, Cameron1515, alisonage18, morgkitty, haerondir, Kimmi, and Chyane more less


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