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Crown of Flowers Spring Wig

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Now you can be the ruler of spring. This NC Mall item was awarded for cultivating a negg with the Y16 Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #4 - Tartan.

Occupies: Hat, Hat sometimes

Restricts: Hair Front

51 users have this item up for trade: fuzzyberry54, bibikl, botones, katelynnfitz, katelynnfitz, unheroine, aviagua, puvs, sulfurbutterfly, Sarahsosilly , watchout92, djsmurphy, MajorasMask3, ellabella1987, voot_cruisin, vally, piida, luffy, Fuzio, booop, Daze@Y1997, ching9608, bunnyfir, zugzwang, _aliciaaa_, chocopurin, Melleroo, skro, violetsigh, 6lackr0se, Agi, rhains, scary_chicken, thebarghestiest, dianacpv3, claireeski, xanime, Kokojazz, Melleroo, Sigris, extravagance, Machi, Cassiopeia, pan_dbz_lady, petrock554, skulling, cchristina, shilohs, stacieface, Justtakeitaway, and Yen more less

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