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Winter Shopping Background

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

What a merry time to go shopping.

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

74 users have this item up for trade: wintersunboheme, felixfelicis, Minna, Paranoid, Kazsia, j, darkwave, hiphophimel, Swaps, meilin, Paradigm Shift Guild, icing800, naners, Agnes, KingKougra, Krissy, Sigris, villain, 360spinfish, Kaydri, udubgirl2012, allybaby, cassiopea566, marbear_4u, SilentCloud, Emmatjuh, sulfurbutterfly, kathleenh, Cassiopeia, tangledheart, wazapets, mike11695, caileanmalfoy, munewhisker, bwilson512, sunkissed_dew, alisonage18, psychosienna, Hilarionsf, valestant, missy182, SierraHopes, shyannjordana, hanlb, nepkeete, terahawk, petrock554, Cutiepie4707, hunter4ever, sbjorklund, Kaly, kirable, xoople, 1234345kitten, chloe_d, kiqxkid, gauges, ginnyclone, maria1593, dalila_arends, Linneac, floopeh, vivaciousviv, battlebunnyc, Kellie, tmofall, phiddie, bbubblie, claireeski, Inn2, zeusbobcat, flutteringsnowflakes, albuginea, and princymeng more less

24 users want this item: Laura_182, lissait, geckobubbles, mayday0301, eeeeva, Katanachi, Lysistrata39, Roseyflower, eunhearthealer, jlpearcy, ragingrainbow, supersitka, Friday, thenirnroot, terahawk, katiejl, IzayaOrihara, Kimmi, miss_lauren1, daniluv, morgkitty, whizradio, aeristh, and sftangliz more less


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