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Silhouetted Cloak

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Hide your face in shadows with this dark cloak.

Occupies: Hat, Hat, Jacket

Restricts: Hair Back, Hair Front, Ruff

55 users have this item up for trade: dhpoohbear, invaderzimgrl777, wolfhowlsz, magikangel, Urredneckgirl1128, Shadyhaven, dafrozen, anneem9999, xAltaria, ciphur, colormeclever, princesssnake, __lari__, kmase2003, aphasia, aubrielle, Grunge_Cat, spellmagic, Kokojazz, Daisies, artistdisposition, jelloisyummy76, meilin, makujyonu, earlgreytea, rinzombie, Iona, Melleroo, udubgirl2012, Mekaila, SilentCloud, MacKynzie, Animagus, chrissykorbat, wazapets, Rwaaaar0.0, sacados, deerestauri, asterisk_trine, meanderingriver, starling91361, corn_pops2002, vaimeni, jennychenz, Complexum, theoriginalboocat, hayley, bellebellez, Cameron1515, xyz99100, valkyrie_ryu, RosaIce, Shadyhaven, superimposition, and psychoanalysis more less

8 users want this item: OnFleek, bloodbunnyh, graycat17, pudston, darkduchess, darkinvader1981, Kimmi, and venabre more less


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