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Dyeworks Black: Winter Couture Wig

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

The latest trend in winter fashion! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Hat, Hat

Restricts: Body Drippings, Hair Back, Hair Front, Head Drippings, Ruff

17 users have this item up for trade: lacrossechik, nicobutts, mmelcg, kahlana, clumsycloyster, painted_dreams87, amythiiel, meilin, pollyzt, Lysistrata39, eholty, udubgirl2012, chippypink87, chippypink87, Looeez, xxxfenice_neraxxx, and jussylynn more less

22 users want this item: Chaleny, nono_10_, nahimebella, _cerulean_, spacevixen, veraamber, aubrielle, Milady5x, Dove, Elexia, hunneypot, alooongtimeago, ellenik, zero2hero18, tangledheart, ihatepoetry, thenirnroot, TSTG3, mayday0301, corn_pops2002, rayoceanweaver, and mexxy more less


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