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Falling Hearts Garland

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This heart shaped garland will spread the love to everyone who sees!

Occupies: Background Item

Restricts: None

31 users have this item up for trade: clumsycloyster, jasemorris7, jamiegsy, neirose, b2350721, joanna!, derangedchild4u, insincerety, madzi, Bernardo Sampaio, Trinity_3000, laughinglola, babyunico, StarPearl, oohuguhoo, Katanachi, xeclipsesx, zeusbobcat, smalvaradd, alooongtimeago, starrqua, Irishminx, gauges, shogunaska, summer80, wcioraly000, missxblonde7x, Brogan, nicobutts, confidentconfused, and amythiiel more less

5 users want this item: Oceahn, Elexia, Chaleny, buzzilyn, and sulfurbutterfly more less


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