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Premium Collectible: Giant Sunflower

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Woah...this giant sunflower just sprouted out of no where, lets pick it up and go! This NC item was given out as a Premium Collectible reward in Y21.

Occupies: Right-hand Item

Restricts: None

161 users have this item up for trade: Trinity_3000, colemine, eceltic, Middyne, BokuWaKiba, endlessknotx, chrisenta, chaoticdust, xmickay, sunshine_10, Daisies, thedirtydean, Zanzia, Miyutan, skysky, leah20a, Michelle, Mel_Sergent, just_a_girl95, zeusbobcat, lillyybear, qwerth_1, kootchaloo, lilkramit, glamourinpink, ferowbie, power_and_beauty, fluffy97531, rytuna, teacuplaura, Lysertrix, Lyssie, imbitter, espyroo, kdobbin, jenneh, DrygonFyre, temari, mmoocow123, janeyherondale, Agi, MadeHere, unicornfeet, stinky_678, belleperle, jazbay, Vonvonvon, Cassanthia, djsmurphy, MistyWish, raconteur, colloquies, lyra_blazingstar, draiksx, claireeski, gatoprime, v1cky_, Gia, Blaise, OhJay21, thisblueotter, hottshot_anyway, mintsicles, Sparkie, Alice, nopespace, nellymeow, flashash10, hanlb, Tamillyan, nebulousfable, ohh_rly, daniluv, nmhall, mimi_rose__, MercuryCustomization, Ropose, Zanyx, Sugarfootfan, kuramas_foxy_rose, ameyxo, ello, watchout92, chrissyfromla, rugrat0ne, Lydia, golden_girl25, greyfever, keetahspacecat, Tinyali, lally199, resurrectionofhope, ixaicplaysrugby, Kageric, resurrectionofhope, yellow_gellow, magikangel, junimo, Kianna, Daze@Y1997, FadedReflections, beemilesaway, x3spencerx3, supersara247, staryanna, moon_hates_you, faburin, phoenix_through_fire, Abii, Kamella, Quilpy, degenius, daisybaby11, Tallyburger, PurpleLupe, bluezacian, beccabebop, squeaktoy, xmysticalangelzx, floral_goddess, mawoods97, ixiholic, bellamymatt, NorthernStar, rukanightmare, azurill65, Princess Zelda, bathpaint, Rubyx, Cosmia, skro, ayakae, softfawnling, Cornflakes, booop, wherethereisawill, Dragorath, lillydog117, 2006artur2006, merlion8313, xobandit, jakynar, aeolistic, polajess, lights, kachow, rshamm, ohyeahallison, Melleroo, mrsxxrupertxxgrint, Brittany12, missxblonde7x, thew00, hillary890357, xhxixdxdxexnx, misterprozac, Phantom, piida, bunnybunzz, marva, and spukl1 more less

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