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Fresh Fruits Foreground

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Showcase just how fresh you are with this colourful arrangement of assorted fruits!

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

113 users have this item up for trade: polesiapart, meilin, hopefordreamz, missxblonde7x, jamiegsy, capturedsecrets, twiddle58, ri-bread, Brittany12, j, redblack60, leticiahpj, autpotter, darcwhale, Kianna, scary_chicken, bluebear, ello, kylelemon, misfits138x, aishameleca, SweetLullaby, Woolfiee, junimo, starishblue, runescapezealot, sweetchocolate, Logan LeDuc, control, Hellohope20, faeriexweetok157, glamorous, tonythe2nd, Kazsia, thorilliere, sasuke1322441, bwilson512, Illuyen, Beautifulplans, djleclair, forfun, pacificar, louisep, tinyzuko, Reeves, cosynes, tinkmaskter, Vixenx, grexxin, taylornylander, Kokojazz, chanty, Mimsdal, effiejae, Zeroity, moon_hates_you, UmbrellasAndRoses, Serrekiel, lorlurin, tootsiex3, Shadyhaven, luzila, shnicky7, Anyume, silvernoon, tackydad, xsoutherngurlzx, marva, roseyfen, aventinaratraya_, roseyfen, Daze@Y1997, floneko, Zanzia, wetcement, stinky_678, Fuzio, Mona2, Minna, spukl1, gingerbabyx3, wintersunboheme, shishou_fuuin, udubgirl2012, norma, hell0_bye, Kitsanik, cassiopea566, colorfulhearts, itipeque, Katanachi, itstaylor, m1ntyone, morgkitty, jenneh, chippypink87, Siren, veracity, Annkan, Sezyvex, Eizzel, yellowcloud, DearDeanna, athzalar, aquaantoni, Coira, chantluigi, eiwlie, big_spider, r3belyell, hartley03, esophee, and game_of_thrones1 more less

22 users want this item: jotty346, bossycat1033, roxychalk, Chaleny, bradpitt_4me, jouster, Abbie, corn_pops2002, lights, ohyeahallison, yurinc, rubywhatashmoo, StarPearl, Nully, polajess, darkinvader1981, Miluve, mmelcg, aviagua, devin1211111, watchout92, and Demidelune TL/WL more less


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