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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Chocolate Birthday Cake Suit

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Feel like a slice of chocolate cake with sprinkles!

Occupies: Jacket, Trousers

Restricts: None

189 users have this item up for trade: azuresky, kabent, heathernel, shofi_111, polajess, Aeiki, CalicoTigers, Chevygirl, RosaIce, gerrralddd, darkened_landscape, spellmagic, forfun, adurkee7, mommatwinkles, Linlove, Sunshynegirl, xmickay, uniprincesssparkle, catfish314, mistshroud, blumbot, lozzy, nofx__, _appelsientje_, yopojoe, _iina_, tpel, kjelly123, baj2117, Act4You, slaphappytwirp, lucy_haha, Cherryade, thedirtydean, Kitamon, mitzi, iXippy, Spyren, Chaleny, dobedobedo, becki622, paintedromance, dafrozen, lorlurin, bunnybunzz, briellette, fireangel, Asphydel, Mamiknitcrochet, sjamilala, Jennygpy, cosynes, jamiegsy, jamiegsy, fairytail, cazzie, jenneh, apbjs187, great__romances, faerieskater, Demidelune TL/WL, Scribes77, prin69, Eizzel, Crystalluxesparkle, agcoburn, suu, shishou_fuuin, claireeski, spukl1, roxychalk, llmac4lifell, Chickendootch, stinky_678, twiddle58, Rosemmary, morgkitty, pythagoras, sapphic_soprano, elenoosh, mermaidlora, kyndling, sweetchocolate, Ishmael404, Charlotteisfab, Amy Chen, Demadla, control, oshichi, nicobutts, nicobutts, hatenna, yellowcloud, hottshot_anyway, big_spider, Kaly, i_will_always_luv_me, Miyutan, polesiapart, eleganza_lights, spluffy, rytuna, starishblue, lavenderbunny94, sweetie_purple16, NZGirl25, sweetneopine, Jaded2222, imgonnageta, jennyliiu, curlygirlloves, palegold, nmhall, charlieputh, Fuzzyomelettes, thew00, chocopurin, j0ujiu, Interstellar, _georgi_03_, Kokojazz, ohmydollface, Tikiara, Mona2, riseupgamers, mjcloset, junglekub, xxlaurennxx, iloveyou637, rukanightmare, strawberrystraws, awesomesauce, shadowsparkle, nepocci, MatokiJelly, smalvaradd, Agi, silvernoon, here4good, BokuWaKiba, araelle, bogeda, effiejae, game_of_thrones1, StarlightShimmering, jiyoon, jennibeans, thevampirelestat_x, ceeforcynthia, smile_hurluberlue, m_magic_girl, comets_and_cakes, Shadegloom, heylyss, dianacpv3, mmpotter, scary_chicken, brother_red, Annkan, MayAngelQt, catz1, 2006artur2006, roeccoco, leticiahpj, paands, pixiezui, libraeldariel, focaccia, xmistyxerox, ipxd725, ipxd725, shizokoh, inciters, Flybe, lucario348, roseyfen, lizwisch89, grizzly, yalecurling, gerrralddd, pregnatress, beemilesaway, imbitter, Kianna, hunter4ever, hall_e_dti, chantluigi, and capturedsecrets more less

6 users want this item: taylorjm, _Sushi65_, spookygirafke, ironladybug, jlpearcy1010, and hrtbrk more less


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