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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Boho Necklace

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This exquisite necklace was created using rare crystals and antique metals.

Occupies: Necklace

Restricts: None

36 users have this item up for trade: aleqxi, iloveyou637, heathernel, yalecurling, Daisies, ello, Sliced_Ramen, blumbot, m_magic_girl, silentmuse_x, candy_usul, Slam DUde, prin69, ipxd725, thorilliere, curlygirlloves, 4seconds, scrumple, Designerneo, jamiegsy, jamiegsy, Mamiknitcrochet, bugbless, sweetchocolate, roseyfen, roseyfen, Krystalb2000, Daniellemt, sapphic_soprano, tinkmaskter, Jennygpy, briellette, focaccia, Loyswo, Charlotteisfab, and Elexia more less

15 users want this item: magical336, cassiopea566, kaylawuvsnc, wolffange1626, purplenightgalaxy, Nocturnite, llmac4lifell, ellabella1987, Abbie, Namorita, tiggy027, libraeldariel, zero2hero18, sulfurbutterfly, and flashash10 more less


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