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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Moon Balloon Basket

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Get carried away by the moon and let your worries fade away...

Occupies: Background Item, Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

169 users have this item up for trade: Pureinhim, hall_e_dti, i_will_always_luv_me, Tutti, nicobutts, nicobutts, bluejeangenie, luckie_munky, Bekkah, Crowprincess, carrbot, ufotea, Pumba, sieskitty9, heathernel, cassiopea566, Sunshynegirl, dalice, frumpydumpy, hopefordreamz, Kagali, thorilliere, stubbys, Daisies, Kitamon, mistshroud, bighead620, Magic, dobedobedo, Secre, mermaidlora, Loyswo, unfading_oblivion, Hellohope20, gotarcticfoxy, polajess, nat2076, junimo, curlygirlloves, gabygoval, rukanightmare, gameboy792, hazelgrace, chaeldar, silverstorm300, Ashtin, hillary890357, caliikid, ciphur, Faith_hope_love1, teus, scrumple, lavenderbunny94, dafrozen, abusively , flowerspirit, glitteryprinceus, lorlurin, starishblue, silva64aa, leticiahpj, fengzhongqiyuan, gerrralddd, kamichy, mooonpoool, j0ujiu, Nocturnite, Maileth, pink_gatomon, wavesandsunshine, Linlove, _georgi_03_, jennyliiu, deweydecimal, nofx__, anneem9999, shizokoh, arolia, hwilks93, _kureaa_, is_pure, iamnotaaron, fuzzy_wong33, azuresky, cleung0625, im_so_jaded16, NextWorld0, mommatwinkles, ceeforcynthia, zoodely, penitent, aglennco, Tallyburger, Parkaposy, ouzzow, Erik, lugal222, csinychick, xxlaurennxx, bogeda, candy_usul, pythagoras, Agi, game_of_thrones1, avelaingia, skaw19, ohyeahallison, mandarinorange, jennibeans, Exyrea767, fhoto, yalecurling, astrobae, Kebin, piida, fosterfaerie, pregnatress, eunoiad, 2006artur2006, hartley03, Ishmael404, neoneo_original, mariscloset, nivetha16, Socsialdisgrace, parleur, reiven_zero, 170, Aeiki, chanty, Kouji, aleqxi, vesuvius_410, aurorapearl, bathpaint, dependence, sweetneopine, lacicale, hummingbird_wish, Vivian, karenfuzzi, eikourei, taintedmusic, melieworm, snix_snix, maeveofthesea, ohitsjenny, ohitsjenny, Shadyhaven, Eloain, DearDeanna, flannelRaptors, lithopel, hell0_bye, Agnes, RosaIce, spechal1, lalala, mjcloset, iXippy, subzero, Daroity, shofi_111, roseyfen, sygrepeat, taelia, talky_toon, iloveyou637, and purplemilanda more less

8 users want this item: pandabear, chippypink87, ironladybug, roxychalk, x_Amaranth, yourheartismine, FoxyRobin, and hatenna more less


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