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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Lots of Love Paper Hearts Foreground

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Cute, crafty, and sustainable!

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

125 users have this item up for trade: linneamful, kennon, ShilohAlexander, Nekow0, louisep, CopperGoblin, 2008nina2009, blackmetalcc, ofquietstars, ofquietstars, babble, dare, heylyss, rhino_loupe, crafty, Grunge_Cat, bunnybroth, AJ, darkened_landscape, angelofviolinmusic, craziergusta1, Fernando, croctail, tangerine_paws, flannelRaptors, v1cky_, youthfulcherries, foxeyjadey, minmo, DuckyxD1, mabel_leaf, anaesor12, thaidrama4, jennibeans, beccabebop, gunkind, summerxnightsxx, baiuki, anjiallen, Kageric, Faith_hope_love1, velvetdeer, Russ, esraeh, Kimyo, wilkstress, luvicks, skaw19, nofx__, Seryndale, Seryndale, Kamal, sforsoccer14, Con, Con, Con, Bekkah, ohitsjenny, kittyloveshim, Carol__1109, yalecurling, curlygirlloves, gloss, lollirott, Shadyhaven, gabygoval, shofi_111, sweetie_purple16, melanies_list, yurinc, ouzzow, phoelia, vala789, Exyrea767, 2006artur2006, darkslytherinqueen, ohyeahallison, amy_lilly, heyjupiter, atturigs, Slam DUde, colonel_chokato, Tamit, Loyswo, Loyswo, Loyswo, m3gvirg0, linha_azul, Eliade, anneem9999, endless_prayer, talky_toon, bathpaint, thorilliere, aleqxi, Nicole Murray, beemilesaway, Parkaposy, Astreyu, Pattes, andres_1550, karenfuzzi, j0ujiu, mariscloset, greyfever, karatekid927, João Victor, blue_star_51, blue_star_51, kate_454, shirok, aviagua, melieworm, Sides, uf_gator_bowlr_grl13, teus, lyra_blazingstar, riseupgamers, scrumple, vanillah, 170, _iina_, Brogan, purplemilanda, and comets_and_cakes more less

3 users want this item: Manggaetteok, becki622, and sealion404 more less


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