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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


MME26-S3a: Faerie Petpets Frolicking

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

The Faerie Petpets Shopkeeper takes good care of all these adorable flying friends at her shop, they are up for adoption and full of love! Watch them fly and flutter all around you! This was the third stage in a multi-stage Mysterious Morphing Experiment (MME). To learn more about MMEs, please go to the NC Mall FAQ.

Occupies: Foreground

Restricts: None

172 users have this item up for trade: mandakitty12, nivetha16, chocorosa, roseyfen, Vonclaire, starishblue, briellette, Frostyxx_, bruuxinha, yopojoe, blammer258, bluejeangenie, tpel, Melleroo, MayAngelQt, miami, fairytells, TARDIS, Kianna, captivated_xx, spellmagic, Gia, strawberrystraws, wintersunboheme, amythiiel, beetl_3, nmhall, CopperGoblin, baj2117, eleganza_lights, nofx__, i_will_always_luv_me, fireangel, jessi018, Roseyflower, aforetime, lorlurin, fengzhongqiyuan, slaphappytwirp, hopefordreamz, Dove, paands, maku_side1, baiuki, devin1211111, mabel_leaf, PlayBook, Nevadaka, chippypink87, heartswept, Kageric, Oceahz, karablue15, dafrozen, nub__king, luffy, AJ, potato, heyjupiter, faerieskater, hnajyn, Kokojazz, junimo, andres_1550, mystical_wolf, alissy123, Nocturnite, neoneo_original, mooonpoool, illegaltruffle, kimchica, avalonsmage, ackieja2, catz1, sara_spunk, animalparade, 2006artur2006, here4good, bogeda, chantluigi, raelien, invaderzimgrl777, aurorapearl, gabygoval, Dollicate, Dollicate, pixiezui, soledadyelmar, sammiie, scarredaxel, hockey298755, _georgi_03_, pinknela, Bekkah, rytuna, maeveofthesea, NextWorld0, charlieputh, shirok, anneem9999, gotarcticfoxy, ouzzow, Demadla, kendrxxk, bilib, im_so_jaded16, azuresky, Ishmael404, xxlaurennxx, valtou, Loyswo, elbereth_elentari, prexoious, nauseacrusty138, Sanae, iamnotaaron, aleqxi, comets_and_cakes, DuckyxD1, arwenvs, sweetpeach7720, DalmatianFreak816, ohitsjenny, gonza04, santamonicace, mjcloset, zig_zaffy, ellabella1987, Ziggybabyy, Sunshynegirl, Faith_hope_love1, bunnyfir, Complexum, Complexum, hartley03, kyndling, blackmetalcc, Kamal, punkys, gerrralddd, SariGaviria, bleedingrouge, elhiwe, flameoftheunderworld, chanty, bunnybroth, Vivian, FoxyRobin, shizokoh, shofi_111, Exyrea767, greyfever, butterflychick2073, Symmetra, moon_hates_you, lizwisch89, c h a r l i e, Erliane, sasuke1322441, jenneh, born_sinner, Slam DUde, j0ujiu, iloveyou637, vanannidian, Mamiknitcrochet, kate_454, heathernel, thorilliere, Brogan, Enchanted, and _iina_ more less

21 users want this item: Ashtin, vampire, chrisssy, shonsito, Grunge_Cat, mermaidmarie, roxychalk, dinahaby, jouster, rhagna, happygirl, gamergrrl, Krystalb2000, Nully, sirendipity, Sisebi, fan_disney, Marc, nono_10_, vanillah, and Smorty more less


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