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1. Dyeworks Lends

Current dyeable items I can lend 2:1 GBC or 1:1 dyeworks potion/small WL item.

NOTE: Will only lend these items when both traders are online, so that it can be returned after just a few minutes. Thank you for understanding

This list is empty.


(Note: 2:1 sale applies to GBCubes only, please. HOWEVER, if boxes will permit, will also trade for dyeworks potions)

NOTE: In desperate need of boxes currently, only seeking GBCs.

This list is empty.

Highlights/HTPW UFT

~This section UFT for wishes or populars, only~

          • Retired GBCs (and some other non-wearables) UFT for collectors

I use /~korolie for values on most items (except for a couple that I MIGHT value a little more/less, depending on its current demand and my attachment).

Note: Some items are only UFT for Priority wishes and/or HTF populars.

This list is empty.

Regular UFT List

This is a list of my regular UFT items that aren't as hard to part with as others. MAY be willing to overoffer with these items for my wishes or add them to my 2:1 sale. Just ask =)

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Items kitn2002 wants

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High Priority

Always seeking Custom, GBCs, Dyeworks Potions, Shenanigifts, Widgets, Archive Cookies, and Upcycle cookies :D

If you have a ANY of my wishes but don't see something on my TL that interests you, send me your WL as I have a ton of closet items, some I may be willing to part with for certain items.

This list is empty.

Low Priority

Always seeking these items (when enough boxes are available)

This list is empty.

Populars I may trade for...

If this list is visible, then I AM seeking these items :D

This list is empty.
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