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Last Update: October 25, 2020

Hello! Feel free to NM if you ever need to trade
I may take moment to reply and I kindly appreciate your patience
Happy Trading ^^
If you happen to have Non-Wearables, please click below on "Gallery & Priority WL" and take a peek!
Thank you so much!


Jellyneo TL/WL

~ Gallery & Priority WL ~
Priority Wishes for a Beautiful Soul
~ 2:1 - 4:2 - 6:3 ~
^ Moved to JN

This list is empty.

--1-2 GBCs--

All items listed here UFT for 1-2 GBCs or equivalent

This list is empty.

--5+ GBCs--

All items listed here valued at 5 or more GBCs

Number is value
8888 means I do not know the value

Please feel free to make your own offer on anything!

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Items Princess Zelda wants

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Gallery & Priority WL

I am making a Legend of Zelda themed Gallery!
Have something I need? Don't hesitate to reach out! I may have something you need too

Two beauties have also offered their TLs for these items! THANK YOU!! (1 is on a leave!)

--> One of the TLs is right here <--

Sometimes, we need pictures. I gotchu

--> Jellyneo WL/TL <--

Values below are based on original sell price in the mall + (year of retirement - current year)
They are not the be all or end all and I respect what each user values their own items at

Techo Master Room Key (~12)
Insiders Colosseum Club Pass (~8)
Fanatics Museum Yooyu Gardens Pass (~11)
Festivals of Altador Once Upon a Time Turner (~9)
Spools of Silk (~1-2)

This list is empty.

Priorities for a Beauty

Looking for these items/direction on where I can locate them for a dear friend!

--> Specifically after Retired GBCs <--

Dreadful Delight Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Fall Foliage Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Ghostly Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Mint Diamonds Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Shamrocks of the Night Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Winter Berries Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Wood Crafted Gift Box Mystery Capsule
+ many more! Please consider taking a look

--> Link to Retired GBCs/Non-Wearables UFT/WL <--

--> Link to DTI TL/WL <--

--> If you wish to neomail to discuss a trade <--

Thank you so much for the help!

This list is empty.
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