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For "99" Priority Dreams

PLEASE READ: I am currently on hiatus so I may take a very long time to respond.
Please keep this in mind when mailing me. Thank-you.

please do not offer anything but my "99" priority dreams on these items

This list is empty.

Slightly HTPW

Just some closet items I wouldn't mind trading.
Pickier with some but offer away!
(please keep in mind some are on boxless sides)

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Up For Trade

Also have these unwearables:
Cosy Fireplace with Stockings ~15-18
Valentine Flower Mystery Capsule ~10-12
Mystery Island Mystery Capsule ~15
King Altadors Golden Noil Throne ~8
Sweetheart Smiley Snack ~6-8

This list is empty.

x 2:1 SALE x

basically working my way to discarding all of these with upcycles, so if you'd like something for 2:1 let me know asap!

This list is empty.

Items xyimba wants

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