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Items Krejdar owns

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0. Info

Numbers are Values (IE 3 = 3 "GBC") according to Waka. However, items under my HTPW and VVHTPW lists may have slightly higher values compared to Waka due to personal attachments. No number shown? = 1 "GBC"

  • I'm actually not that into GBCs and will almost always take FQ Cookies, Upcycles Cookies, Wonderclaw Widgets, Shenanigifts Invitations + boosts such as 2 Gift Party Shenanigifts Power-Up and Second Look Shenanigifts Power-Up - just so long as these offers more or less equal a GBC I'm pretty easy.

  • I'm also always happy to look at your Trades for any of my items (even HTPW and VVHTPW lists) as I may see something I forgot to add to my own WL, or hadn't thought of before and suddenly like. :)

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1. VeryVeryHTPW

These are items I adore for either high value, or pure sentimental value. I may also use these items frequently, so offers for them must come from my Priority WL item (or for SEVERAL items on my Gallery WL), and even then I may politely pass.

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5. UFT - Side Accounts - 2:1

These items are on my Side Account(s), and can only be traded for GBC's if I don't currently have boxes there.

Side Box Count: 2

Any 2 items for 1 GBC

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Items Krejdar wants

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3. Pipe-Dreams

Laugh at me while I pretend to have these one day. Ah, to dream.

This list is empty.

5. Gallery Wishlist

Yooyu items for my Gallery. Not top-priority, but would eventually like them ^__^

This list is empty.
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