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Items kelliregina owns

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Dyeworks Lending

If you need a lend, I'm your girl! I have the following items I'm willing to lend out, in exchange for a GBC, an Upcycle Cookie, or a small item from my wishlist. Don't be afraid to send me a message!

1:1 GBC, 2:1 GBCube

This list is empty.


NC items I've collected for my gallery. If you know of any Slorg or Slorg-featured NC items I've missed, please message me!

This list is empty.

Hard To Part With

While I don't necessarily use these items right now, I either love them, have saved them for future pets, or they were gifts, which makes them all very hard to part with. That doesn't mean I'm not willing to trade them, though! Some are harder to part with than others, and it depends on what you're offering, so do still feel free to ask, just please don't be offended if I turn down a perfectly reasonable offer.

This list is empty.

Up For Trade

All of these are the items I currently have up for trade. Of course, I'm always seeking GBCs and Archive Cookies, but if you see something you like and you have an offer, please Neomail me at kelliregina! I also have all of the 2013 Negg Festival Decorative Neggs UFT, but you would have to provide the Negg Puncher :)

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Items kelliregina wants

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A Girl Can Dream

I just like to look at these. Maybe I'll own them, one day.

This list is empty.

Casually Seeking

I don't really have a need for these right now, but I'd like to trade item-to-item for them. If they're in GBC sales, even better.

This list is empty.

Priority Wishlist

I'm always seeking Upcycle and Archive Cookies, and of course, the ever elusive GBC. So don't be afraid to Neomail me if you see something you like!

This list is empty.
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