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0. Info

After limited internet access for months I am in the process of updating and verifying lists.

Hello and welcome to my tl/wl!

I am usually open to a casual trade if you see something of mine you are after.
I am always seeking my priorities and would love to see your wl if you have anything from my tip top priority list.
I use /~clara and /~lyl for values

I rarely have gbcs/custom to offer.

My wishlist is huge, but will generally move what I am seeking at the moment to the Tip top priority section (unless casually trading on the boards of course)

Feel free to neomail about anything!

This list is empty.

1. Main TL (> ~1-2)

Items uft on my main that are greater in value than ~1-2 as per /~clara
Seeking wishes only for these items.

Numbers are indicative of values.

Note: "35" means ~3-5, "23" means ~2-3 and so on c:

Curled Updo is only uft for select Tip Top Priority Wishes This list is empty.

3. 2:1 Cube Main

Main account items.
Buyable Free!

There is an additional section below for 2:1 on sides.
If I have boxes I will be happy to mix and match between accounts :)

If boxes permit I will also trade:
2:1 Upcycle Cookie
1:1 Lab Cookie
1:1 Faerie Quest Cookie

This list is empty.

5. Buyable 5:1 Game

All these items are buyables on my main account.
Send a cube and I will give you however many items as the cube yields, up to 5 items!
Feel free to check my box count in my nc album before you send!

This list is empty.

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