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(1.1) Information

Currently revamping my tl/wl after an 18 month hiatus, bare with me ;)

This list is empty.

(1.21) UFT 2:1 Buyable

All the items in this list are 2:1 GBC.
These are all buyables, still some cut stuff though!

This list is empty.

(1.22) UFT 2:1 Non Buyable

All these items are uft 2:1 GBC
No buyables here!

This list is empty.

(1.3) UFT 1-2 Cap Value

All items in this list are valued at 1-2 GBC.
Uft for wishes or GBCs always.
Qty shown is actual qty available.

This list is empty.

On Hold

These items are currently on hold to be traded.
Baabaas - Kat
Bubbles - nakakogue

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Items Urredneckgirl1128 wants

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2. Gallery Wishes

Looking for these items to add to my gallery of bitten things.

This list is empty.

Gold Wishes

These here are my golden wishes
(ie. stuff that's hard to get or that I have traded away to get other pretties, but now I want them back XD)
Maybe one day... maybe one day...

Numbers indicate how much I want the item.
5 is the most important and I'm more likely to work out a trade or part with closet items for pretties with a 5.
1 is the lowest priority. :)

This list is empty.
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