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B: Highlights

Some of my non-wearables
7th Birthday Cake Slice #2 - 1 gbc
Sweetheart Smiley Snack - 4 gbcs
Valentines Goodie Box - 3 gbcs

This list is empty.

C: Regular items UFT

This list is empty.

E. 2:1

Items I'm trading 2:1 for gbcs If trading for items these will be 1:1

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F: Paintbrush Clothing

If you need a set from this list please neomail
me and we can arrange a transfer

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Items vampireslayer142 wants

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Dream Items...Someday

These items are here for my reference
I would love to trade for these in the future but
I probably don't have enough to offer at this time.

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Priority Wishlist

Regular Wishlist

Items marked "21" I would like to find in a 2:1 sale

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Dress to Impress
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