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Items discohappytia owns

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2021 x All Highlights

This section is UFT for only Wishes.
No customs/gbc will be accepted for these.

Last Updated: August 4, 2021
-neomail discohappytia-

This list is empty.

2021 x All HTPW Dyeworks TL

Most dyeworks are HTPW and only UFT for wishes unless marked as 12.

This list is empty.

2021 x Eyes, Markings, & Make-Up

2021 x Foregrounds TL

2021 x Shoes TL

Open to GBC/cap/cookie offers + Item Trades

This list is empty.

2021 x Unwearable Trade List + CS/TT (sides)

Main account unwearables UFT:

Cheerful Circles Gift Box Mystery Capsule
8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake
8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake
9th Birthday Flower Cupcake
9th Birthday Candy Cupcake
11th Birthday Tropical Cupcake
11th Birthday Crystal Cupcake
Dyeworks Celebration Hue Brew Potion
Misty Mountains Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Tropical Vacation Retired Mystery Capsule
Summer Vibes Mystery Capsule
13th Birthday Midsummer Cupcake
Disco Fever Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Mermaid Dreams Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Kaleidoscope Dreams Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Kaleidoscope Dreams Gift Box Mystery Capsule (BFs)
13th Birthday Whimsical Cupcake

CS side account unwearables UFT:

11th Birthday Tropical Cupcake
8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake
13th Birthday Midsummer Cupcake
Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza
Strawberry Surprise Retired Mystery Capsule

Items marked 999 are for wishes only.
Other items are open to GBC/cookie/cap offers.
Unwearable list is Not UFT for caps.

CS side account boxes: 6

Last Updated: August 2nd, 2021

This list is empty.

2021 x Z Buyables & 2:1 Cap Sale

Everything is 2:1 GBC

This list is empty.

Items discohappytia wants

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1. 2000~2020 Wishes [HP]

Some wishes are higher than others of course.

Last Updated: August 2nd, 2031

This list is empty.

2. New Wishes [2020-2021]

These are medium priority.
21 = Lowest priority / want to find on sale.

This list is empty.

4. Low Priority Wishes [For Customs/GBCs]

241 = Ideally want to find in a 241 sale.
10 = Ideally want to find for 1 GBC.
12 = Item I feel is at a 1-2 gbc value.
2 = 2 gbc or similar value.
3+ = 3+ gbc or an item of similar value.

Numbers not listed correspond with the value I'd ideally like to get each item at.

This list is empty.
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