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#01 ***UFT on discohappytia [HIGH END]

These are all my highly rated items UFT only for important and other highly valued items.
I will not trade these for anything casual/GBC most likely, but feel free to run by any fair offer anyway!
Number IS indicative of what I value each item in GBC terms, even if I'm not interested in GBC.
When offering, please keep in mind my value especially when offering GBC.

Last Updated: May 15th, 2019

This list is empty.

Items discohappytia wants

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#1 Highest Priority Wishes

ATTENTION: This is my high priority wish list!

These are items up high on the list of importance! Need I say more? ;D
If you have anything here, please neomail me your offer.

Last updated:
June 2018

This list is empty.

Random Items I Like...

Feel free to try.

This will be a HUGE list eventually...
Some of these items could be nice in casual trades, no?
However nice they are, I'm not seeking them anytime soon.
If you have something here, neomail me your offer.

This list is empty.
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