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'´*•.¸(*•.¸?¸.•*´)¸.•*´A ´*•.¸(*•.¸?¸.•*´)¸.•*´'´

Updated 3/8/2020

Please mail ctharpe426 if you are interested in trading.

•Custom: only if I offer ( 1 item, 250 nc or less = 1 cap for me)
•GBCS: --
•Boxes: --
•Grams: 3 baby easter grams (needs updating)
•FF: Yes

•the numbers at the end mean how many I have
•100/10 before the number means it's a NP item. Not for NC trading. Just for my reference really.
•500 before the last number/5000 = HTPW


I just got back from a 2 year hiatus, so bear with me as I sort through my stuff and update my TL/WL. Please know I am +9 hours ahead in time than Neo/Pacific time. So the time difference may delay replies as well. My apologies in advance. If I don't reply, my mail may have glitched. Please just Neomail me again! I try to always respond.

I do not need gbcs/custom unless I have a board up for it. Sorry about that.

Cupcakes: (needs updating) p , p , hubz
8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake
8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake

8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake bbc

This list is empty.


Originals NFT
I will lend the original to you though 2:1 for new gbc , or 1 wish of mine.

Those with a 2 you can keep if I have extras :)

This list is empty.

{1} UFT ||M||

WIP WIP WIP WIP -trying to redo my lists atm. Not up to date. Higher valued stuff only UFT towards other things of higher value like DLD, but doesn't hurt to ask. I have lots more hidden away for those, just ask. ^

***The numbers by the item represent how many of that item I have, not what I want for it in gbcs. Also, if an items is in more than one list it means I have multiples of that item with the exception of the originals in the dyeworks category.

50 means reserved. ^_^

This list is empty.

{2} Buyables & and Other Random Stuff

If you send me a gbc, I will give you as many items as you want depending on the amount of boxes I get from the cube.

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Items battlebunnyc wants

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Actively Seeking RRs

This list is empty.

{1} Actively Seeking!

99 Highest Priority

1000 = potentially have a trade, you can still ask though just in case the trade falls through

10= for a side

2000= non-priority extras, but still low-key seeking!

This list is empty.
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