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01. why hello there

hullo, i'm chels
my closet is always hidden so everything here is uft.
i'm nst +15 and will always respond to mails c:

i am currently on semi-hiatus. please allow for some delay in replies!

[ last updated: june 2020 ]

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02. up for trade

non-wearables uft: here

can do some of these 2:1, just ask!
usually up for casual trades and and caps/gbcs/custom.

[ 99 = emotionally attached htpw, may value higher ]

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04. dyeworks lending

happily lending these 2:1 c:
for a gbc/cap (of any kind), dye potion, cookie, or a small wish.

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Items cityscape wants

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01. priority wishes

always seeking gbcs/caps!

want now pls huhu
please help me give my pets the pretty they deserve ;u;

[ 10 = pretrades ]

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