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00. hello!

hi there, i'm chels

i promise i don't bite and i can offer hugs, so please feel free to neomail me if you ever want to work out a trade!
i'm gmt +8 and typically respond to mails very quickly c:

(island ona for cuteness purposes only!)

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01. highlights

items that are higher-capped, more popular, or just pretty ♥
these are separated solely for convenience, so please feel free to offer on them c:

(99 denotes that the item is slightly htpw, but they're of course still uft!)

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04. dyeworks lending

i'd happily lend these for 1 gbc (of any kind), dye potion, cookie, or a small wish c:

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Items cityscape wants

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01. priority wishes

always seeking gbcs and fqcs!

these are for endgoal customisations i'm urgently trying to complete!
please help me give my pets the prettiness they deserve ;u; ♥

(10 denotes that the items are already in a pretrade!)

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02. casual wishes

these are for customisations i already have in mind,
but haven't actively started working towards just yet c:

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03. super casual wishes

Dress to Impress
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