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Custom & GBCs UFT

I prefer trading GBCs and or/customs towards my WL and my sister's WL items. 
I currently have over 100 GBCs UFT for WL items. 
I can offer mall buyables and game packs. Really anything from the mall.
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Retired GBCs, Caps, Cupcakes, & Grams

This section has retired GBCs, cupcakes, and grams that are potentially UFT.
May or may not be UFT for WL. Try me? Kudos to those that actually read this list.
Retired GBCs Autumn Forest Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 Cheerful Circles Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 Colour Burst Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 Damask Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 Fall Apple Gift Box Mystery Capsule x2 Gingerbread House Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 Looming Eclipse Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 Mosaic Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 NC Mall 6th Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule x4 Ocean Waves Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 Rainbow Watercolour Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 Sea Glass Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 Shining Stars Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1 Retired Caps Apple Harvest Mystery Capsule x1 Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule x1 Neopets 14th Birthday Commemorative Mystery Capsule x1 Rainbow Mystery Capsule x1 Silly Skull Mystery Capsule x1 Spooky Moon Halloween Mystery Capsule x1 Retired Cupcakes 8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake x1 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake x1 8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake x1 9th Birthday Candy Cupcake x1 9th Birthday Confetti Cupcake x1 9th Birthday Flower Cupcake x1 10th Birthday Crowned Cupcake x1 10th Birthday Golden Cupcake x1 Retired Grams Heart and Crossbones Sweetheart Gram x1 Hearts of Dread Sweetheart Gram x1 Rose Sweetheart Gram x3
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UFT - Dyeworks

Extra Dyeworks I have UFT.
I do not have any issues trading from this list. However I do value some of them higher than one. List should be accurate! But I apologize if it lists a DW I don't have!
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UFT - Items

Items I have UFT. I know, most stuff in this list are junk. There may be one or two nicer items.
I have attachment issues. Hence why I prefer offering GBCs & customs. So please don't be offended if I decline a fair offer! I need to learn to let go.
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Items roeccoco wants

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Wishlist for Sides

My WL for my side accounts! These items are for permanent or seasonal outfits I have for my pets on my sides. Of course, I can still offer GBCs & mall customs! :3 Just send me a mail and let me know how many GBCs you want or what type of custom you would like!
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