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Z. Closet which might be able to be pried from me for desperate wishes

*** READ PLEASE: This list is NOT UFT for any of my basic, etf, 1-2 cap wishes. I use these items frequently and would just have to trade back for them again. It would be a waste of boxes to trade it for one of the easy wishes. Sorry :(

This list is set to PUBLIC (not trading). These are populars that I like a lot and use often, but they are not so HTPW that I wouldn't let them go under dire circumstances. I will probably be very hesitant to trade them though. Only for wishes 99.

This list is empty.

Items supahangel wants

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A. Personal Wishlist (High Priority)

Items I have a pretrade for will be marked with a "6"

99 is high priority and will often anything from my highlights or closet for it.

9 is for priority items that are easier to find.

If you have one of my 99 wishes please nm me, I have a large hidden list of items that I may be willing to part with.

This list is empty.

B. Kinda Want, no specific custom planned or lower priority

This list is empty.
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