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A. I no longer visit NC Chat regularly. Please mail.

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Aa. HiLites/HTPW (ish)

Marked with my personal values. 23 = ~2-3, etc. No number means current value undetermined. Sorry, some of my values are higher than, or at the higher end of ~waka value. Hence HTPW. Check below for deals. :)

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Bb. 2:1

Any 2 for 1 GBC.

Note that the GRAM items below are also 2:1 and can mix and match with this section.

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C. Reserved for in progress trades

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E. Gothic Charm Sweetheart Gram Items 2:1 GBC

2 Gothic Charm Sweetheart Grams available.

Can mix and match with 2:1 above.

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Spare Paint Brush

Items eunoiad wants

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A. Random Pretties

Will offer caps for a few of these. I will sometimes trade closet items, so please send me your WL.

Item trades preferred. :)

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B. Trades in progress

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