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A. Hi!

SEEKING: Super Warm Holiday Mittens. If you have one or more please neomail. Thank you!

I will generally trade 1 cap items for a GBC, FQC, or Dyepot if you don't have a WL item.

Happy trading to you and good luck!

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C. 1 Cap

1 GBC or FQC for each item in this section. Item:item trades are loved. :)

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Spare Paint Brush

If you need Cloud Elephante Hat, Just send me a neomail! :) We can work out a transfer and you can have it.

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Items eunoiad wants

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A. Wishlist

SEEKING: Super Warm Holiday Mittens. If you have this item, please neomail. Thank you!


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B. Seeking in 2:1 GBC or 1:1 Item Trades

Only seeking these low priority wishes in a 2:1 GBC or item:item trade. If you have 2 or more in your 2:1, let me know! :)

Will happily trade 1:1 from my 1 Cap TL section.

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C. Low Priority Wishlist

Not actively seeking these very low-priority wishes. Most are higher cap value and have no customizations planned. If you are discounting, please neomail to see what we can work out! Many apologies, but I will decline a fair offer seeking box-heavy GBC trades. YES, fair item:item trades are welcomed. :)

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NP Wishes

Every so often, I Shop Wiz and purchase, deleting those that are crazy expensive. If you have these for sale/trade, feel free to send a neomail. :)

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