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A. Hi!

Neomail is open. :)

My profile may say Stealth! but I log on every day and will get back to you ASAP within 12 hours.

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B. Highlights

WL trades preferred.

Also for trade!: Pastel Paisley Gift Box Mystery Capsule and 2 New Year 2016 Celebration Mystery Capsules.

All are marked with values via ~korolie.

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C. 1 Cap

D. 2:1 GBC

Any number here indicates quantity available.

Most of these are buyable, so check the NC Mall or ~Korolie first if you have NC. :)

Item:item trades always welcomed.

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Spare Paint Brush

If you need Cloud Elephante Hat, Just send me a neomail! :) We can work out a transfer and you can have it.

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Items eunoiad wants

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C. Are These in Your 2:1?

Lowest priority. Only seeking in 2:1, but item:item trades are welcomed. :) Also, IF I have boxes, may do up to 150 custom for these.

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NP Wishes

Every so often, I Shop Wiz and purchase, deleting those that are crazy expensive. If you have these for sale/trade, feel free to send a neomail. :)

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