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A. Preface

Hi, I'm Angela :*

My closet is usually hidden, I open if offered because I'm picky.

Please neomail me at nineoneone_ if you wish to trade! I will always answer neomails, even if rejecting, cause I'm not rude (yes i am calling some of you out)

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B. Dyeworks Lending

Can lend for a gbc. Nothing here is UFT, sorry!

Not sure how Dyeworks lending works? Check this page.

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I will usually mention on mine/your board if this list is UFT. This my HTPW section so it's only really UFT if offered!

999: only really UFT for my Cries Myself to Sleep List

99: Just moved from closet so would only trade if at full value.

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E. Highlights

These items i'm not really that picky with, but are probably some of my higher value/popular items UFT. This list is always open to offers.

99 means slightly htpw. I am willing to check TL's though. 100 means on a side account.

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F. Regular UFT

100: on my side (has 1 box atm)

21: I can include this in as part of my 2:1 sale

Also have 1 x Money Tree Cupcake 1 x 8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake Nothing here is htpw so offer away~

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G. 2:1 sale

  • Send me 1 GBC and I send you two of these items! :) refers to quantity
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Items nineoneone_ wants

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1. High priority

2. Mid Priority

These items would be nice but the world will still turn if I don't have these items.

Some of these are higher priority than others so I might turn down a fair offer. Sorry in advance D: Some items i'll be seeking in 2:1 sales - I'll mark those as "21".

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NP Items

I'll buy these if you have them UFT~

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