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A. Preface

Hi, I'm Angela :* I'm pretty easy to deal with if you have multiples of my wishes and I have one of your big wishes, or if you have one of my big wishes, because I get lazy. I will always mail back, even if rejecting, because I'm not rude (yes, i'm calling some of you out)

I should probably mention that there are some items I value higher than guides

OCT 5 2018: Im not really online anymore...sorry!

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if you ask for these i might have a stroke

this list is only uft towards items marked 99 in my high priority list

99 dont bother asking cause that item is my child

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Eb. Regular UFT

100: boxless side

21: I can include this in as part of my 2:1 sale

Also have 1 x Money Tree Cupcake 1 x Dye Pot

Nothing here is htpw so offer away~

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G. 2:1 sale

  • Send me 1 GBC and I send you two of these items! :) refers to quantity
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1. High priority

I have more hidden for 99 items, send your wishlists

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1a. Populars I might actually want

If youre interested in my bad and boujie list feel free to check here

items marked 99 are higher priority cause i'd probably use them

items marked 22 are things i am casually seeking to replace

items marked 33 are tentatively on this wishlist because theyre cute but ive never actually tried customizing

items marked 11 are lowest priority as i'm just seeking spares of this item for myself

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2. Things I just threw onto my list because they're pretty

I'm really really really casually seeking these. Chances are I saw this on someone's pet and decided it's pretty but I don't have a custom in mind, OR I browsed through someone's list, liked it, got rejected, and then had to be stubborn and start seeking it. So I may reject a fair offer.

I would accept these as filler for big trades too.

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