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A. Preface

Hi, I'm Angela :* I'm pretty easy to deal with if you have multiples of my wishes and I have one of your big wishes, or if you have one of my big wishes, because I get lazy. I will always mail back, even if rejecting, because I'm not rude (yes, i'm calling some of you out)

nineoneone_ - 2 boxes

h00ligans - 0 boxes

anklebiterz - 2 boxes

I should probably mention that there are some items I value higher than guides

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B. Dyeworks Lending

Can lend for a gbc. Nothing here is UFT, sorry!

Not sure how Dyeworks lending works? Check this page.

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G. 2:1 sale

  • Send me 1 GBC and I send you two of these items! :) refers to quantity
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1. High priority

Just a fair warning, I have no idea what's on these wishlists anymore - i am always too lazy to update all of them except the high priority list. I mostly like browsing (although items marked 99 are things i need)

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2. Things I just threw onto my list because they're pretty

I'm really really really casually seeking these. Chances are I saw this on someone's pet and decided it's pretty but I don't have a custom in mind, OR I browsed through someone's list, liked it, got rejected, and then had to be stubborn and start seeking it. So I may reject a fair offer.

I would accept these as filler for big trades too.

And I'd offer gbcs.

-timmy turner dad voice- IF I HAD ANY

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