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1. Just some info

at the moment I'm only interested for trading for items on my wishlist and GBCs!

willing to lend dyeworks items (including closet items) if i have any, just shoot me a nm!

i've marked each item with what i think it's GBC value is (in accordance with /~waka), 99 means i'd be happy to do a 2:1. 77 means i like it/might have future plans but am not currently using, so it might be hard to part with.

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2. hellflowers

gbcs: 23

gift boxes: idk like 7

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Items hellflower wants

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1. Info

items with the number 999 have a higher priority than other items in that category

888 = not currently seeking

i price check with /~waka

if i have an item you want, but you have no GBCs or nothing on my WL, shoot me a neomail with your TL! there are some items i'm not showing here :)

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3. Mid-Priority

i want these, but not as badly as the high priority stuff

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4. Low Priority Gallery Items

Dress to Impress
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