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UFT Tier 1: Separation Anxiety

These are my utmost hardest to part with items. You're welcome to offer for them for my dreamies/high priority items, but even then, I can promise nothing. Apologies in advance if I reject perfectly fair offers.

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UFT Tier 2: My Hoard of Pretty Things

I like these items quite a bit, but I'm not putting them to good use and might be happier trading them for something I actually want. Feel free to offer any wishes for these!

This list is empty.

UFT Tier 3: My Nice Items

These are items I would prefer to trade for wishes, but might be willing to let go for GBCs/FQFC/LRFC.

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UFT Tier 4: The Consequences of My NC Addiction

These items are anything goes! Very little (if any) attachment to these items, so they're UFT for wishes, GBCs, fortune cookies, and really anything else that might pique my interest.

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Items silversteven wants

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Dream Wishlist

My wishlist of things I'd love for customs but probably will never afford. But it's fun to dream!

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High-Priority Wishlist

These are items I most want for my Neopets.

If you are interested in trading for the Dark Valentine Sword, I do have a couple of high-value items that I don't list publicly. Let me know if you're interested in seeing them! (Note that this ONLY applies to the Dark Valentine Sword)

Number indicates priority from most to least priority (top priority is Dark Valentine Sword)

This list is empty.

NP Wishlist

Some NP items I'm saving up for!

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