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000. i like pretties n shinies

yo this is my trade list obvs. if you see anything you like, feel free to mail me @ eiwlie

I'm currently looking for items labeled 222 from any list

222 - currently on the prowl for
888 - not actively searching for, but a reminder to find one day
999 - basically perms. you can ask, but don't expect a yes

last updated : 10 / 01 / 19

numbers dyeworks potion: 0 • basic gift box: afuckton • gbc: 7 • custom: 900 • fqc: 0
This list is empty.

001. unwanteds

what i'm more or less willing to part with

This list is empty.

002. closet

give me something sparkly. or maybe something I'm desperate to find.

either works

there's no rhyme or reason to this but they're items I like to use

This list is empty.

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