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1. Dyeworks Lendables

I can lend for these items in these amounts (The Dyeworks items on the left, the specified item that you give on the right):

GBC~2:1 Dyepot~1:1 Archive Cookies~2-1:1(Depends on the amount of boxes I have) Or I may lend for a WL/regular item, just ask! ^_^

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I REALLY don't have an attachment to these items xD Offer awaaay~

These items are UFT for other items, GBCs (/May/ do a 2:1, try me c:), custom, Dyepots, cookies, or whatever you'd like to offer! ^_^

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I'm slightly attached to these items, but feel free to offer - I don't bite!

This list is empty.

Items Grey wants

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