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0 - Intro

Please do not hesitate to neomail me at any time!

I promise, I do not send "nty" replies and I never ignore messages!
If you would be so kind as to include your UFT list (either DTI or Neo link) and/or items you have off my WL,
we can discuss a trade much more quickly!

Thank you, have a great day, and happy trading!

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2 - Dyework Lends

I will lend these dyeworks items for:

+ 2:1 GBC

Or, if I have boxes:

+ 2:1 Archives Cookie
+ 1 DW potion

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4 - NC UFT

Quantities are how many GBCs I'm seeking for the item. No number means 1cap.

  • Summer Popsicle Gift Box Mystery Capsule (4)
  • Back to School Y15 Gift Box Mystery Capsule (3)
  • Retired Blooming Spring Mystery Capsule (2)
  • Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack (1) x2

  • Candy Nest and Neggs

Most of these items are uft for wishes too, it usually depends on boxes!

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7 - Spare PB Clothes // NM me if you need them!

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Items _evadne wants

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Dream Items I can't affor RN

Offering items for

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Only in 2:1s

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