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Updated 20th February 2020

If you see something you like, feel free to NM me your TL! I would prefer item:item trades for my wishes, but may accept GBCs for more common items, just ask.

I reply to ALL neomails. If you have not heard back within a few days (and my UL indicates I have been on), the NM may not have gone through.

DO NOT NM me if you intend to NM multiple users at the same time regarding the same item.

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2. UFT

I would prefer to trade for my wishes, but also happy for trades to include gbcs, just ask :)

Items marked '99' are generally UFT for wishes only rather than GBCs
Items marked '1111' are in a pretrade

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Items x_Amaranth wants

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1B. Priorities

Looking for all of these.

Items marked '21' I'm looking for in 2:1 lists Items marked '99' are involved in a pretrade

This list is empty.

1C. Casual

Lesser priority, but still seeking trades for these.
Items marked 21 = seeking in a 2:1
Items marked 99 = pretrade set up
Items marked 100 = current NC Mall buyable

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