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1) Hey! Listen!

Don't ask me if I'll offer GBCs, I won't unless I offer myself.
I reference /~Waka for values.

If an item says 99 it means that it's high priority for WL items or extremely attached for HTPW items!
If an item says 77 it means that I disagree with the value of guides, typically only for higher than lower the value. Feel free to NM if you'd like clarification.

Always happy to trade for FQCs/archives/GBCs.
GBC count : 3
Box count : 4
NC count : 0 NC
Last updated : 12th Dec, '19

Note : Don't be rude to me. Even if we've negotiated a good trade, I will not hesitate to drop out if I feel uncomfortable with you.
I don't tend to make non-wish trades unless I'm actively on the trading boards.

UPDATE : DUE TO A NUMBER OF RUDE/INCONSIDERATE NEOMAILS I WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN ANY TRADES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. I can't stand being commanded to trade without any other conversation occurring, especially when you are wanting to take advantage of me. If I'm desperate for something and am making a good overoffer, the least you can do is be polite to me when you want the leg up. We are human. Not tools. Don't make other peoples experience in the NC community distasteful & regrettable.

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there's a small chance I'm willing to trade any of these.
not uft for GBCs.

note : im more than happy to trade my cbg for the city in space bg!

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4) Normal UFT

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Items unicorns wants

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1) Wishlist - Higher Priority

some I'm after more than others -- items with a 99 are the top priority items.

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