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For Trade

I also have a Spooky Halloween Mystery Capsule up for trade! The numbers are for accounts: GBCs-19 1-GBs:27 2-GBs:4 3-GBs:1 4-GBs:2

I desperately need GBCs for the other 2 accounts!

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Wanted for Gallery

Not my the highest priority, but I will still trade for these if it's a good trade. Also seeking Altador Cup Heroes Faerieland Pass, Faerie Ink Bottle, Faerieland Anteroom, Faerieland Door, Faerieland Tower, Sparkling Faerieland Wallpaper, Intricate Faerieland Rug, Water Faerie Coffee Table, Faerieland Window, Light Faerie Bath Tub, Marble Wings Faerieland Floor Tiles, Negg Faerie Key Quest Token, Faerie Smiley Snack, Faerieland Mystery Capsule, Floating Faerieland Mystery Capsule, Faeries Ruin Mystery Capsule, Fyora Mystery Capsule, Jhudoras Fashion Line Mystery Capsule, Winter Faerie Mystery Capsule, Faerie Doll Mystery Capsule, and Faerie Mystery Capsule!

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