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000. Welcome

Hello! I generally follow /~Waka for guides, though some items I tend to swing on the higher side of trading than others -- always feel free to neomail me!

Happy for you to hunt down wishes if there's something here you like.

Last updated: Dec 2019

The following items were gifted and are NFT.

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001. Dyeworks Lending

002. htpw / closet

not currently using but are quite hard to part with.

only uft for wishes, not gbc

The more 9s the more difficult it will to pry from my hands.

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003. backgrounds

This list is empty.

004. background items

disclaimer: may not actually be zoned to bg items.... lol

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006. dyeworks

i can be pretty picky with dws and prefer to trade them for bigger wishes or other dws, please excuse me if I turn down a good trade!

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007. clothes

This list is empty.
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