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- notes -

Welcome! My name is Taylor and I have been NC Trading for a loooong time. ALL the NC wearable items I own are on this page in some list; so if you do not see it, I do not have it. In general I am unable to offer customs/gbcs unless I explicitly say otherwise. I am also open to trading for other items not on my wishlist, so feel free to mail me if I have one of your wishes. I will try to respond to all mails, but unfortunately I do not go on Neo too much anymore.

For non-wearables, my list can be found at:

Last Updated: September 2018

Box Count: 3 + 4 special ones

GBC: 0

This list is empty.

1. normal uft

This is everything else I have uft (that are not closet items). Seeking my wishes or GBCs for these items; open to other offers as well.

This list is empty.

2. 2:1 gbc sale!

TAKE THEM! I have accumulated way too many items that I have no interest in. These items are all 2:1 (if I get 3 boxes or 4 boxes from the capsule - I'll do 3:1 and 4:1).

This list is empty.


These items are usually only up for items on my wishlist; however, I am open to offers!

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Items panda1421 wants

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1. main wishlist

These are all items that I have a planned customization for. Willing to trade closet items and track down your wishes for these!

This list is empty.

2. gallery wishlist

3. low priority

These are items that I have no planned customization for. If you have any of these items, however, feel free to make an offer!

This list is empty.

4. to replace

These are items that I have traded away that I would like to find again. I am willing to trade my closet items for these (it's an endless cycle)

Items marked with a 99 are a higher priority

This list is empty.

5. other

These are items that I would love to have doubles of and am always willing to trade for!

This list is empty.
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