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Items keurobaeto owns

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Paint Brush Clothing

these are all my leftover paint brush clothing i have laying around, from zapping or otherwise!

DO KEEP IN MIND: you need a pet that is ALREADY the color the clothes are from! for example, you need a stealthy draik in order to receive stealthy draik clothing from another user. you will have to transfer a neopet of the correct species and color to me, i will give them their clothes, and send them back to you! i know this is a complicated process, but it's unfortunately the only thing we can do )-: please send me a neomail if you'd like to set something up!

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Up For Trade (Side Account)

these are items i have on my side account, angellama! i have no gift boxes available there, so i will need a gbc sent over in order to get the item to you.

i have the Neopets 19th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag, unopened, which contains the Retro Arcade Background.

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Items keurobaeto wants

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Mawynn the Grarrl

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Dress to Impress
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