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1. Hello ^^

Last updated: 28 Jan 2020
Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to NM me about trades, my timezone is GMT +13 (a while 21 hours ahead of NST) so may take some time to reply! I always reply to mails, if I don't it means I haven't received it (so please nm again!) or you have mailed my side by accident ^^

Gifts: I do not have a 'gifts' section as these gifts will never be uft no matter the value/buyable or retired. Gifts I have received are not on display but please know they are very much treasured and I will always be grateful for the kindness of the Neopians who have gifted me anything at all.


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a. Sale~

All items listed are UFT for either:
3:2 GBC/Archive Cookie/Wondrous Winter MC/Cosy Candlelight RR MC
Happy to do 2:1 on items too! Please don't hesitate to ask!
or 1:1 Upcycle/Dyepot

Items marked '11' are on a side and will need boxes to send - trade must include a GBC.
Please note: If I do not have enough boxes I will only be trading these items for GBCs. Thank you for your understanding!

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b. Dyeworks

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d. Buyables

2:1 GBC or mystery cap :)

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