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1. Hello ^^

Last updated: 28 Jan 2020
Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to NM me about trades, my timezone is GMT +13 (a while 21 hours ahead of NST) so may take some time to reply! I always reply to mails, if I don't it means I haven't received it (so please nm again!) or you have mailed my side by accident ^^

Gifts: I do not have a 'gifts' section as these gifts will never be uft no matter the value/buyable or retired. Gifts I have received are not on display but please know they are very much treasured and I will always be grateful for the kindness of the Neopians who have gifted me anything at all.


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a. Sale~

All items listed are UFT for either:
3:2 GBC/Archive Cookie/Wondrous Winter MC/Cosy Candlelight RR MC
Happy to do 2:1 on items too! Please don't hesitate to ask!
or 1:1 Upcycle/Dyepot

Items marked '11' are on a side and will need boxes to send - trade must include a GBC.
Please note: If I do not have enough boxes I will only be trading these items for GBCs. Thank you for your understanding!

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a. Tradelist

Items marked '11' are on a side and will need boxes to send - trade must include a GBC.
Items marked '99' are HTPW

This list is empty.

a1. Highlights/HTPW

Items I think are pretty and will often use for customs.
Everything on this list is pretty much very HTPW for me but it is still up for trade, feel free to offer but please do not be offended if I reject even reasonable offers~
(the more '9's the harder for me to part with)

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b. Dyeworks

This list is empty.

b1. HTPW Dyeworks

These dyeworks live in my closet and I use them in customs. HOWEVER they are on this list which means I am open to trading them, might just be a bit picky. Hit me with your offers :p

This list is empty.

d. Buyables

2:1 GBC or mystery cap :)

This list is empty.

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