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Hello! I'm Zen, and you've stumbled upon my tradelist!
Feel free to NM me if you're interested in trading. (:
I use /~korolie as a value reference.
Items marked 999 means they're pending trade.

Boxes - 7
GBCs - 3

Last Updated: 12/15/2017 at 4:00pm NST

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Regular Tradelist

This list is empty.

Side Account

Items for trade on my side account.
Note: This account currently has no boxes, so at least 1 GBC will be required for items on this list.

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Items zen wants

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Casual Wishlist

Eventually, maybe, but not actively seeking.
Probably added these to my wishlist on impulse and aren't sure what I'd actually use them for.
These are also often out-of-season customization items.

This list is empty.
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