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Items Violette owns

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2:1 Sale - Retired Items

These are retired items I will never use or that I have duplicates of and are common enough that I won't try to trade for full value. Two items for one GBC! If you see something you want, neomail me right away, or else I will upcycle these away or give them to Granny Hobgoblin.

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Closet Highlights - UFT for Dream Wishes ONLY

This list is set to public, NOT trading. These are highlights in my closet that I like very much. These items are up for trade only toward my dream wishes, NOT for GBC's/upcycles or medium/low priority wishes. If I were to trade these away, these would go onto my high priority wishlist to replace, and I'd probably offer above waka values to do so.

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Up for Trade - 1 GBC

Numbers are quantities, not values.

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Items Violette wants

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#1 - High Priority Wishes

I will offer GBC's at full value, and sometimes also custom, for items on this list!

Numbers are the number of GBC's I can offer.

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#3 - Low Priority Wishes - Seeking 2:1 Sale

#4 - Dream Wishes

Would love to have these things but am realistic and know they may never happen. ;) If you have these up for trade, please let me know what you are seeking as I can offer my closet highlights and may also be able to offer custom or GBC's.

This list is empty.
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