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Items Fancywork owns

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Proud Meridellian here! My main goal in to collect all Meridell items, but I also like to get my hands on some other pretty stuff too. :)

In addition to my TL, I can currently offer FQCs and custom for my highest priorities.

This list is empty.

a) 2:1

Common items. Looking for GBCs. Numbers indicate how many I own.

This list is empty.


I don't really want to trade these but may be willing to get a big wish of mine.

This list is empty.

PB Clothes

Let me know if you need any of these - I'm happy to share! You need to have an unclothed pet of the same species and colour to get the clothes sent over.

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items Fancywork wants

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a) Meridell Items

These are of the highest priority: the collection must be complete!

This list is empty.

b) NC Wishlist

Numbers are values from waka, mostly just for my reference (so 12 = 1-2, etc).

This list is empty.

c) Meridell-related items

Not high priority, but would be nice to have.

This list is empty.

f) Baby Items I don't yet own

My babies are super spoiled and these are the items they still need...

This list is empty.

Pretrades Arranged

This list is empty.
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