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~ Intro ~


My (and my side's) closet list is private so everything you see is up for trade :) Any non-wearables up for trade are also listed further down.

My lowest priorities are typically private too when I have multiple higher or medium level priorities.

My lowest priority list is typically items I think look cool but have no idea how to use so will probably just be in my gallery or on my lab pet (new custom for each new pet ;)). I may be willing to trade items for it though so neomail me your trade list if I have an item you want but it doesn't look as though you have anything I want (I have a ton of easy wishes in my lowest priority list so you'll likely have an item from there or maybe something I like that I haven't seen before!)

Note: Feel free to neomail me and as I am online daily barring any emergencies or holidays. If I haven't responded it might be because the neomail glitched and I did not receive it. I will ALWAYS reply to neomails even if it is to say no to the offer (though I typically say yes to my wishes or GBCs).

Last updated 14th January 2020.

If you are trading with me I'd like to receive the item(s) at sharon1997cat. I got all the items I need for my side so only my main needs stuff :P

This list is empty.


Willing to lend these 2:1 for a GBC or 1:1 for a FQC or dyepot.

Also willing to lend for other items (wearable or otherwise, just ask!)

(If the item is also in the UFT list, please tell me if you want to borrow the item or keep it before we make the trade!)

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Non-wearables UFT

Non-wearables I have up for trade are:

Really Ripe Banana x4

Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza x5

GBC: I have a couple

Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack x1

Neopets 19th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

Floating in Love Valentine Goodie Bag

Colourful Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag

2017 Stocking Stufftacular 1-pack (looks pretty :P)

Lab Ray Fortune Cookie x1

Money Tree Cupcake x1

Money Tree Mystery Capsule x1

This list is empty.

Up for trade (UFT)

These items are currently in my gallery/on my lab pet. Willing to trade for wishes, GBCs etc. (If you have a trade list not including my wishes or GBCs just try me, I may still like whatever item you are willing to trade for it. I'm not overly picky.)

The number indicates how many I have up for trade if I have more than 1 of that item

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Items sharon1997cat wants

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Highest Priority (NC Wishlist)

Things I really really want :)

(Stuff that will complete my dream customisation)

Nonwearable(s) I'm looking for:

GBCs (always)

This list is empty.

Medium Priority NC Wishlist

Stuff I want :)

(Stuff I can use for a customisation idea I had that I liked)

100: I had one once but traded it and now I want one again :(

This list is empty.

New NP items I want but waiting for prices to stabilise

Items recently released that I quite like but I'm waiting for prices to stabilise.

This list is empty.

NP Wishlist

For the expensive ones (~50k or more) - I am looking for these items with jellyneo prices but may go higher if needed. (I prefer to buy rather than trade but if you have a non-wearable wishlist, neomail me and I'll be willing to trade!)

For the common/cheaper ones: They are here to remind myself to buy them when I have the time

999: High Priority

This list is empty.
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