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~ 0 - Thanks for Browsing ~

I'm interested in everything so drop me a message, aside from wishes I'm mainly seeking:

*Black Friday 27 Nov GBCs



~ Updated 29 Nov ~

This list is empty.

~ 01 - Highlights ~

Taking BF 27th Nov GBCs for everything!

This list is empty.

~ 01.1 - General TL ~

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*Any 3 items for Black Friday (Bought 27th November) GBC

*Any 2 items for 1 Upcycle Cookie

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Items Happea wants

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~ 07 - WL - General ~

Open minded to everything and seeking all my WLs so drop me a message! Quick replies, online daily.

Can offer TL, GBCs, Cookies, Custom for items in this list and Highlights for some items too.

~ 21 = Most likely not offering GBCs unless it’s in a 2:1 sale, but can offer my TL/FQCs instead :) ~

This list is empty.
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