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Last Updated: 12/01/2020

I am always accepting GBCs, Lab Ray, Faerie Quest, and Training Fortune Cookies.

~Waka is used as a base for pricing, but it does not mean I will always accept the lowest price point they have listed, however.

Numbers on items indicate how many I have UFT unless specifically stated otherwise in that particular list!

I would really love it if you mail me for my 3 for 1's! I al always seeking GBCs

This list is empty.

.o Everything Here is 3:1 !

Feel free to ask me for anything on this list!

3 items for 1 GBC

This list is empty.

.o UFT Arches

This list is empty.

.o UFT Contacts, Makeup, & Markings

999's are HTPW and will trade for High Priority Wishes only.

This list is empty.

.o UFT Frames

This list is empty.

.ooo HTPW & Pretties

Items that are in my closet that I am not using.

999's are HTPW and only will be traded for High Priority items

This list is empty.

Items kttnspt wants

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.ooo High Priority Wishlist Items

.ooo Low Priority Wishlist For Side Pet: Bethezda

Wishlist items for my future Invisible Kougra (gbcolor)

This list is empty.

.ooo Low Priority Wishlist For Side Pet: Herbulese

Wishlist items for my Royal Yurble (gbcolor)

This list is empty.

.ooo Low Priority Wishlist For Side Pet: softpoo

Items for my Baby Scorchio (gbcolor)

His name was grandfathered in, please do not report me for this pet's name. I adopted him like this and plan on keeping him. I have checked with staff and it was deemed non offensive.

This list is empty.

.ooo Wishlist Items For Neopoints

Items I will pay Neopoints for that are not from the NC Mall

This list is empty.
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