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A. Intro ~ Last Update 5/12/19

Welcome! I've switched to a fresh new list.
/~Waka is my value guide 90% of the time, let me know if your values differ.
Recently moved timezones, please give me at least 24-48hrs to respond to all mails, thanks!
(I'm more active on weekends)

A ... Intro ....... (You Are Here)
B ... Regular UFT ... (Retireds)
C ... 2:1 Sale ........... (Retireds)
D ... 3:1 Sale ......... (Buyables)
E ... Closet UFT ........ (HTPW)
Y ... Side Account UFT ..........
Z ... AotR Special Deal ..........
ZZZ ... Free PB Clothes ........

My non-wearable NC UFT can be found | here | at JN.
(Needs updating, but I have a bunch of old caps, grams, goodie bags, etc.)

This list is empty.

B. Regular NC UFT (No Buyables)

These items are not discounted, but are also not HTPW...
Seeking item:item trades or full value GBCs.
(New items land here until they stabilize)

This list is empty.

C. 2:1 GBC Sale (No Buyables)

Accepting the 2-box GBCs for any two items below;
I will also accept 1:1 for NC cookies
(Faerie Quest, Upcycle, and Lab only).

This list is empty.

D. 3:1 Sale (Buyables)

This is my Upcycle cookie fodder unless you want 'em :P
(3:1 Sale is subject to box availability)
Note: This section is no longer up-to-date following the 2019 Charity Corner.

This list is empty.

E. Closet UFT (HTPW)

Not expecting overoffers, but I might simply say 'no thanks' if a trade
is offered on one of these items, especially if I'm still using it in a customization.
These items are not discounted for GBCs.

Don't be afraid to offer, though -- my 'real' NFT Closet items are on a hidden list lol
(9999 = only UFT for high-priority, HTF wishes / Wishlist A)

This list is empty.

Z. Special Trade Only

AotR is only UFT for:
MiniMME17-B: Evening Rooftop BG + Eventide Mountains BG.
This is a 2-box trade on the low end of its value, which seems reasonable I think?
If you have one but not the other, feel free to mail and we can work something out.
Thank you for understanding!

This list is empty.

Items SLP wants

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A. Priorities -- Will unhide Closet for these!

These are the items I'm actively seeking and will open up my closet for -- if you don't see anything you want above, please still send me your WL, most of my best stuff is hidden (populars, high-value items, etc).

Customs are usually available for these items -- just ask if I have NC on hand.
I prefer high-value, low-box customs.
(Ex: I'd rather buy you 2x20packs instead of putting 16 GBCs into boxes, etc.)

Wishlist is under construction!
if you don't have any of my visible wishes, please still send me your TL to browse,
I've got lots of hidden wishes. ;)

My non-wearable NC wishes can be found | here | at JN.

This list is empty.

ZZ. Dyeworks Dupes (Lowest Priority)

Don't need 'em anytime soon...

This list is empty.
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