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Items starlightpixie owns

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A. TL Intro --- I AM BACK! (Sept 2021)

After about 18 months of hiatus, I've returned to the daunting task of updating my TL/WL. :P
Please note, I am still not regularly logging in, replies may be slow. Thanks for your patience!

Still using ~Waka until I figure out a more up-to-date source for values. Let me know if yours differ.

If you have my wishes but don't see anything of interest on my TL, my Closet is hidden for priorities ;)

My non-wearable NC UFT can be found | here | at JN.
(Needs updating, but I have a bunch of old caps, grams, goodie bags, etc.)

¤ ¤ Skip to My Wishes by Clicking Here ¤ ¤

This list is empty.

B. Regular UFT

Items in this section -- instead of in the GBC Discounts -- are here for one or more reasons: it's worth more than 1-2 caps, it's slightly HTPW, it might be rarer, or I disagree with its ~Waka value.

Numbers represent quantities or account locators, not values. You can ignore them.

This list is empty.

C. Sale! 2:1 Regular GBC // 4:1 BFGBC

Any 2 items for 1 GBC;
if you have the special Black Friday GBCs that guarantee 4 boxes,
you can pick 4 items/per GBC

Alternatively: Do you have some of my 2:1 wishes UFT? See something here you like? Open to item swaps!

This list is empty.

D. Extreme Sale! 3:1 GBC // 5:1 BFGBC

Any 3 items per 1 regular GBC;
Any 5 items per BFGBC.

( Subject to box availability -- back to 2:1 if I'm out )

This list is empty.

ZZZZZ. PB Clothes ~ Free to a good home

You must have a pet of the matching color.

Numbers are account locators for my own use, please ignore.

This list is empty.

Items starlightpixie wants

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AA. 1-2/3 Cap Wishes

I've given up on seeking any "big" wishes right now, lmao. XD
So here are my small wishes.
These were valued from Buyable--2ish caps on ~Waka (as of Sept 2021); please forgive me if my values are off!

I would be very grateful if you had any of these items in your 2:1 GBC sale =)
Offering my regular TL, plus customs.
(Some of these are higher-priority than others, apologies in advance for turning down trades on some)

My non-wearable NC Wishlist can be found | here | at JN.
(Needs updating, but essentially I'm interested in all stat-increasing cakes.)

This list is empty.
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